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Construction project management is the act of planning, organizing and overseeing the various tasks involved in a construction project. It is performed by individuals known as project managers, who represent not only the builder or contractor hired to perform the work as well as the owner of the project. Construction project management is a complex task that changes dramatically from project to project and Commercial Builders Associates (CBA) has the qualified individuals to perform tasks and meet the needs of the individual owner.

Most construction projects begin with some level of conception, design and implementation. Whether the project is a new fence in your back yard, or the erection of a multi-million dollar shopping mall, CBA’s construction management will be necessary. The coordination and management of the various and numerous disciplines involved in building and implementing the project can be performed by CBA.

In an industrial setting, the larger the project, the more important it is to involve CBA early in the process. After the initial concept has been developed and designed, architects and engineers usually define the scope of work, which is reviewed by the CBA construction manager and his team. CBA will then outline a course of action and begin construction.

CBA is responsible, first, for completing the project based on the design documents, and secondly, completing the project at or under the cost budget and within the agreed time frame or schedule. CBA must also protect the interests of the owner by maximizing profit and keeping costs under control. CBA can perform estimates for the work, select subcontractors, write contracts and act as a coordinator among various trades as the job progresses.

One of the most important skills CBA can provide is an understanding of the building process. This includes recognizing materials and equipment and having the knowledge and experience needed to solve problems on the site. CBA will communicate with different types of people, from project owners to tradesmen. CBA’s staff have strong computer skills, including word processing and spreadsheet use as well as basic construction scheduling software.

The focus of any construction management team should be to adapt to the specific property’s needs and accommodate the specific goals of the owner. CBA’s capable and experienced management team has the experience to prepare a comprehensive analysis of the project at hand, supported by the insight and knowledge to define investment goals toward which the construction management team will direct its daily efforts with consistent hands-on proficiency.